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July 20, 2008

Winnie and Jimi – 2 Weeks old now and Willy picks at his little baby brother…

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From the

Diary as of 7/10 – 7/13/08

7/10 – Winnie got picked at by his older brother Willy! What had happened:

pigeons use to eat little stones which they need for digestion. Because the world out there is dangerous for little pigeons, Willy usually comes to the balcony to steal all those little stones he can eat from my flower pots. His logic is that on my balcony it is much safer than outside somewhere in the grass. So he literally ploughs through my flower pots to find the stones he needs.

Well – this time he decided to plough through the big flower pot that happens to be the nest of Winnie and Jimi. Winnie did not like big brother to be there and although Willy warned him with coo-coo noises Winnie ignored that warning and started to pick at Willy in order to make him go away. But Willy is already a big boy and did not like that baby Winnie became cheeky and so he picked at his little brother. Now I interfered and chased naught Willy out of the nest because I was not sure whether he would not hurt baby Winnie.

Now this event showed me that it is not so harmless when older pigeon babies and younger pigeon babies meet each other and I understand now why the parents are chasing the older ones away from the baby pigeons. I really don’t know whether Willy would have hurt Winnie but I also did not want that to become an experiment with fatal consequences. Nevertheless it was an interesting experience. It did not happen again.

7/11 – both babies start to flap their wings and are thus exercising their muscles.

Today the babies have to cope with very hot weather and are definitely suffering. They let everything hang and look as if someone has flattened them – oh my – I really pity them. So I took out a big flower pot saucer and put some cool water in it and put both babies into it – Jimi loved it and made splish-splash in the water. It looked so funny! Winnie seemed to be a bit water shy and climbed out of the saucer as quickly as possible…. 🙄

7/12 – 7/13 – This weather is really crazy. Yesterday too hot and now the temperatures dropped by more than 14 degrees C. Poor babies – they are moving around quite a lot to keep themselves warm, huddling with one another.

Older babies are coming often today. They are bored to death and try to snack off the goodies but the parents are merciless as usual and chase them away. I have to find a way to trick them… 💡

Look at these little buggers – aren ‘t they adorable?

There is a significant difference in their behaviour from the older ones – they are much more trusty and calmer when I am near them. They talk to me with very sweet noises and they love to sit on my shoulder or on my hand to be carried around and check out their environment with great curiosity…


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