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July 18, 2008

Bad Day – the Chase begins…

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From the

Diary as of 7/6 – 7/8/2008

Today Emma and Pete decided to drive the youngsters out of the pigeon castle – Willy and Joey have to sleep somewhere else and not on their glasses any more. I am sad. But I assume that’s the way life goes and completely natural. Despite that I am sad and I worry about the kiddos. Are they really ready to live on their own already? And are they coming back? I am feeling as if they were my own kids that have left home. Geeez – I must be crazy – it’s only some damn stupid pigeons but in the meanwhile I feel about them as if they were pets 😦

And the next days always the same happens:

Willy and Joey are chased away by both parents vigorously now when they try to land on the balcony. This can last up to an hour or even more with some pauses in between where the kiddos try to land and are then chased away so that the feathers are flying. I am really worried and fear that they hurt themselves.

In some way it is interesting to watch how this happens: Pete runs on the balustrade after them – mostly it is Willy whom he is chasing – he lifts one of his wings and then he slaps with it with a real loud noise. It’s really like a nasty person slapping someone. And each evening this happens the same way when they try to occupy their sleeping places – without success. When the chase is on, you can hear wild flapping of wings with a lot of noise each evening on the balcony. Sometimes they get so mad at each other that they are fighting on the sideboard, their beaks jammed in each other’s face and flapping wildly with the wings. Even spraying them with water does not end the fight sometimes.

Gladly up till today none of the crazy pigeons got hurt so I think it’s somehow okay. But it all costs them a lot of energy. And I will have to think about an alternative how I could avoid those terrible fights. It’s getting on my nerves and I am always afraid that they will hurt each other one day.

The funny thing is that both kiddos gain power through these fights. Perhaps this is a necessary process. From day to day they are less afraid of their father and sometimes I laugh loud when they trick him. They really do this: one diverts his attention and of course gets chased while the other one tries to reach their beloved sleeping places on the board. But this of course does not work for long because the mother chases them as well.

Despite all this fighting during the day sometimes too Willy and Joey sneak in from time to time and I can give them some of their beloved sunflower seeds. Together we can trick ol’ Pete and his nasty wife!!!!

In the meanwhile they have learned to follow the noise I am making with a little plastic bowl that has a red cover and they have learned to trust me, while I am standing at the balustrade to pick their seeds directly from that little bowl that I am holding in my hands. So they still come to get their goodies.

Especially towards evening time Pete and Emma sit like vultures on the glasses where the kiddos used to sleep in order to protect their area. And oh boy – if they dare to appear then the wild chase is on again.

Sometimes Pete gets tired chasing the youngsters but Emma especially is a real bitch – each time she gets furious when Joey or Willy appear. I wonder what will happen when the new kiddos are grown up????

That will be very interesting.


Winnie and Jimi (the new babies) are growing fast. Today I put a piece of cartonage into the flower pot in order to hinder them from falling out of the nest when they begin to flap their wings and trying to go on adventurous tours. I think it won’t take very long for that. Also that piece of cardboard keeps them much warmer – the nights are quite cold at the moment and they are huddled together often.

Btw – I also observed a different behaviour of the parents while feeding: unlike in spring both parents are feeding directly one after the other. I wonder whether this is an improved behaviour or not. I don’t know…

Winnie and Jimi after 9/10 days:

Btw – that pink naked part to be seen at the beginning of the little video is Jimi’s bare leg…



  1. Sincere greetings,

    I am sorry that the baby birds are not accepted in their family. Since their parents who offer them shelter drive them off, these little birds must feel confused and sad. You are very kind to feed these baby birds unknown to their parents. I could not imagine how fragile the young ones will be, when part from their familar place. I do hope it is only for the time being. Hopefully these little ones are accepted into their pigeon family again.

    Best wishes…


    Comment by windflowers — July 19, 2008 @ 1:09 pm | Reply

  2. Windflower – I think there is a misunderstanding. It’s not the new babies which are chased away but the older ones which are fully grown and can very well support and feed themselves. It was my human wish that they would be able to stay here and be friends with their parents and the new ones. But I suppose it is necessary that they find their own way and nature is sometimes rude. The animals cannot talk to one another and explain why this is necessary – i.e. to avoid inbreeding which would weaken the species. So the parents have to drive the kids out of the home otherwise they would not leave deliberately – getting their meals freely delivered all the time.
    Maybe when the new babies are grown up it will become better but I don’t think so realistically. It will be an experiment.

    The interesting thing is that the older ones really have their tricks to get along – they spy on the opposite building whether their parents are at home and if not they take their chance and come over. Isn’t this funny?
    These little buggers know very well to get their share.
    So don’t worry – everything is still okay.

    Comment by pigeonwriter — July 19, 2008 @ 4:33 pm | Reply

  3. Greetings,

    Thank you very much for clearing up the misunderstandings I expressed. My apologises. Now I do interprete a different story. Maybe the parent pigeons bear their children and hope to launch them into the society. The parents wish that their older babies can become more independent on themselves. So if these older babies can make it on their own…they will learn their own way of survival, of making friends and avoiding enemies on their own.

    Yes nature is very mysterious. The pigeons have a sense of picking up the right opportunity for their food. My little dog used to know what time I came home, and he will wait at the door. Animals do not read the minute and hour hands of a clock, but they able to feel the events correctly.

    Best wishes and good health.


    Comment by windflowers — July 19, 2008 @ 5:28 pm | Reply

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