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July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Winnie and Jimi

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From the

Diary as of 6/27 – 6/30/08

Hurray!!! Happy birthday to Winnie. Baby #3 is on the world – now waiting for Jimi!!!

6/28 /08 Jimi is out as well – only one day later!

6/30/08 both babies are well.

Look at these pictures and you know what I mean. What a progress after 2 days:

Do you realize how their facial colours have already changed – the beaks turning dark already? And – akthough not visible on these photos – they have already their eyes open.

Regarding the first generation, Willy and Joey: Joey has started to fight with her mother Emma as well as Willy continues to quarrel with his mother and with his father Pete. They had a bad day all along. Nothing doing but nonsense the whole day. I assume they were bored because of the bad weather, picking all the soil out of my flowerpots, quarreling with their parents so that the feathers were flying until I finally grabbed the water sprayer that I use for the laundry and gave them a dose. It did not help for long though but I did not want them to hurt themselves.

Now there is peace again for a couple of minutes – both kiddos have conquered their “night sitting glasses” again.

Hope it will be better tomorrow.


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