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July 4, 2008

This and that…

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From the

Diary as of 5/28 – 6/3/08

On the 28th we had big bathing day again in the green square plastic tub – yes they all love to bathe in it although the weather is not too nice and too cold to my taste. But the pigeies love it…

Joey starts to behave strange towards her mother – she bit her Mom away from their sleeping place in the basket and she starts to have her own head, becoming more and more an individual and strong personality. Despite all this Joey is still begging her father Pete for food although she can eat very well all alone. And Pete is silly enough to feed her still. What a cheeky pigeon girl…

On the other day Joey and Willy brought a little friend, another young pigeon with very dark feathers who seemed to be a bit exhausted. Pete chased him away – he did not like another foreign pigeon on “his” balcony. That was not very nice of him…

Joey is getting a bit nasty – she bit her mother away from the feeding place. She wanted to have the seeds all by herself. Naughty girl – what does that mean? Emma let her go and did not defend herself. Strange behaviour or a part of the teaching program? I don’t know. Reminds me of human behaviour when little girls grow up – they have suddenly their own head – hey?

A lot of action in the evening now and then: both kiddos and parents are “fighting” for the best sleeping place although there is plenty of space for all 4 of them. It seems to be a kind of role testing. Sometimes very funny to watch how they handle the whole situation, who’s making a point and who is in defeat. Mostly it ends up with Emma (the mother) sitting in the “second row”. I have big pity with her. But this is also her big heart and tolerance towards the adolescent kiddos. She can behave differently when she wants I have realized in the meanwhile.

Pete is playing his own games with the naughty kiddos, chasing them around in a circle. Looks very funny but seems to be half serious sometimes. Are they going to leave soon – I ask myself. But the game seems to go on endlessly – Emma picking at Joey, Joey picking at Emma, Pete is picking at Joey only Willy seems to be left out – why?

Ah – something new: Willy and Joey have finally found their voice. They started to coo and they behave like an old couple: grooming and sorting each other’s neck feathers and kissing. They never fight against each other- they are the perfect couple – isn’t that sweet?

They return each night at the same time!! to their sleeping places on our balcony and are gone again next morning at around 5 °clock at dawn. And they appear at around 8° clock again, loitering about in front of the balcony door and waiting for their goodies (sunflower seeds). For how long still?

No pics today – sorry…


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