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June 27, 2008

Coming back…(5 weeks)

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From the

Diary as of 5/15/08

Big joy!! Willy found his way back in the morning – now the whole family is together again. I am soooooo happy. I would have been terribly sad if our cheeky Willy would have been gone. But apparently that was an experience he needed. I wonder where he spent the night… 😕

Funny thing – now the parents did not come back in the evening. For the first time the kiddos were both alone. But from now on they don’t sleep in the nest (Flower pot) any more but on the side board in the basket. What a change….

the whole family together….

Willy – as cheeky as always and as if nothing had happened….

Where the hell has he been that he needs to clean himself up like this????

Emma – having a nap in the basket – no wonder after all those excitements…

Pete – as usual – doesn’t know anything….

Emma – taking the chance to explore the appartment…

Pete – of course – cannot leave her alone….

Willy and Pete in deep dispute again – the one among REAL men…

But from time to time he remembers still being a baby and begs for food – as if he could not eat all by himself!!!! tztztz

but Pete has a big heart for his greedy kiddos…


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