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June 11, 2008

Feeding themselves and first Night alone…

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From the

Diary from 5/11 – 5/12/2008
Still very windy and the babies seem to be quite frustrated. Still doing their exercises every hour or so. In the evening they return to their nest and sleep there after exploring the balcony more and more.

For the first time the parents left them alone during the night but appeared in the morning again. Was this a test?

Ahh – i nearly forgot – they can feed themselves. Learned to pick up the corn and how to swallow it. Doesn’t seem to be natural and it took time. Was funny to watch. What an achievement when the first sunflower seed really disappeared in their beak instead of falling out again…

Willy and Joey who tries to hide the food so that Emma doesn’t get something to eat – so small and so cheeky already….

Willy on adventurous trip…

Joey trying to get air under his wings…

Everything that Willy does Joey must do too…

Joey is apparently still hungry – he tried a bit meat…didn’t taste though…

unfortunately totally out of focus – but that’s one of those exercises…

BTW – in the meanwhile we know that Willy is the girl and Joey the boy! Not the other way round because Joey is cooing Willy already!!!!!! Is this normal for 2 months old babies? Or is there some incestuous behaviour going on??? Geeze…

I assume they are just exercising for things to come……..


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