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June 9, 2008

Willy tried to fly… (4 1/2 weeks)

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From the

Diary, 5/10/2008

Willy and Joey exercise their wing muscles. It is funny how they do that. They flap them as quickly as possible and you can watch how Willy tries to get air beneath his little wings but according to the look on his face he seems to be always quite frustrated that it does not work yet… But soon, little Willy.

I try to help them: while putting my open hand in front of Willy he jumps on my hand and then – how courageous he is – he jumps from a height of 1 foot on the ground, everything accompanied by his loud cheeps. It is so funny. And Joey tries to copy everything what Willy does. So Joey is learning quickly.

But while Willy is a real hot dog and does things he has not really thought about before, Joey is the careful one. It takes longer until he tries to do something. It is so interesting to see those different characters…

Later in the day when we did that fly game again Will made a leap from the chair – I was sitting on the floor of the balcony – and landed directly on my head. Wow – he managed to fly about one meter. What an achievement!! A milestone in his little career.

Look at these two – nothing but nonsense in their little heads….

Joey looking for something to play with…

and Willy of course looks for something to demolish…

demolish????????????? how can a face such as this plan anything evil??????????

aaaahhhhh nay – I am not a photo model……

anyone needs salad – hey?????????

yipeeee – you are not going to find me – I am hiding………………


of course – anything that Willy does must Joey do as well…………



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