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May 4, 2008

Pigeon Babies become Youngsters…(3 1/2 weeks)

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Diary, 5/2/08

and so they have only nonsense in their little heads – just like little human kiddos! The youngsters have become very curious and adventurous. It is also amazing to see how the 2 days younger one tries to imitate everything the elder does. This way she really catches up. Since yesterday Joey also has started to leave the nest and scavenge her closest environment (I am still not sure whether Joey is a girl or not – I am sure Willy is a boy, because he has absolutely the same habits and behaviours like his father but Joey is probably a girl – I am quite confident – but there is no proof).

In the meanwhile I have made the balcony safe for pigeon kiddos – this means I closed all holes with wooden boards where they could fall through on their adventure tours. Would be a nightmare if something stupid would happen to the babies but the chance for an accident from the 13th floor is quite realistic as long as they cannot fly properly.

Although the jumps from one chair to the next higher level are becoming better and better there is still a lot of uncertainty and surely there is not enough air yet under the wings for a real flight.

I must admit I love this pigeon family. They are adorable – the parents are like an old loving couple – she is scratching his neck with her beak and he holds his head down in complete enjoyment. Really – you can see this how he loves that. In return he kisses her and also fondles her neck sometimes with his beak. It’s so sweet!

The whole family has become nearly tame – I haven’t managed yet to feed them by hand but I am sure if I would do this regularly they would get used to it. The babies fully trust my hand and jump on it when they get lost somewhere on their adventurous tours or simply when I need to get them out of their nest in order to clean it up. They cling to my hand as if that were an anquor. Very sweet.

Willy always makes a lot of noise when I come near him – he moves his wings like a dog wiggles his tail when he is looking forward to something. Maybe he thinks I am another parent or something who comes to feed him. And he loves to be scratched on his neck – then he becomes totally calm and enjoys this in total delight. He moves his head from one side to the other to show me where I should scratch him. These growing quills with all the skins remains must be itching awfully. It always takes a couple of seconds until he notices that I am already gone until he starts to move again.

When I think about that they will be gone soon I feel a great sadness. I really hope that they will be doing well and have a long life. And maybe some day they are coming back to say hello – you never know…

Hey – you want somethin’ from me????

…get lost – or……….!!!

Hey folks – gimme a break…….

Don’t bug me – this is my siesta …..


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