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April 23, 2008

Growing up – Diary of a Pigeon

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Diary, 4/22/08

Hm – I have to think about what changed these days in our lives. Ah – yes, Mommy does not sit any more in our nest during the night – instead she sits on a board on the balcony high above us and has a watching eye on us – so that nothing bad can happen to us. Yes – she really takes good care so that we can sleep without any fear.

Last night was terrible – it was raining like crazy and our landlady had to get out of bed in the middle of the night to save from getting totally wet. The rain was so bad that it kept coming into our nest which started to become damp as we did. So the landlady moved us a bit further from the wall near to the window so that we had a lovely dry place again. Oh yes – our landlady cares for us too.

Slowly I start to look like a real bird – not like a porcupine any more. My feathers are growing and you can see where the blood goes in to the quills. My belly is not as naked as before any more – it is not covered with feathers yet but soon it will be. Oh – and my skin – it seems to be soooooo thin and when my landlady picks me up she is very very careful. It feels so delicate – she always says.

When it’s becoming dark outside we go to sleep and as I already said Mommy is watching over us. Normally our landlady comes outside each night before she goes to sleep and looks around whether everything is okay. So it happened last night that I did not recognize her and thought that it was a stranger that was creeping over the balcony – so I ruffled up my feathers – I have learned this from Daddy and clapped with my beak. But then I realized it was only my landlady and I went to sleep again. But while I was so afraid a little malheur happened – a little smell came out of my booty and my landlady laughed about this. How embarrassing rot !!! (But did you know that pigeons can do this just as dogs and cats?)

No photos today – but tomorrow!!


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