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April 19, 2008

Papa Pigeon is a Ninja (6-8 days)

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Diary, 4/17/08

My Daddy is a fighter. Oh yes – you should see how he fights for us and makes everybody go away when he comes too close to us. And we – well – we play the game of course and let him do his job. So little we are still we have to fulfill a job and make Papa believe that he is the big boss – THE MAN! Oh yes – we are already little actors and do what we are supposed to do – being a little shy and anxious pigeon babies. Good that he (Papa) does not know how strong we already are.

This is what Daddy looks like from close when he is really really angry…

Oh yes – Joey and me are already crawling through the nest a bit and training our future wings. Well – at the moment it looks like some spiky things still – not real wings but we are training our muscles. Joey is still much smaller than me but I think Joey is a girl anyway and will stay smaller and graceful than me. Bah – girls!!!

And here you can see already that I will have some white feathers – just like Daddy…


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  1. i too love these pigeons, they r really cute, specially these babies. i really liked ur article bcoz i m also observing them. i liked the photos too.

    Comment by sri — December 29, 2009 @ 3:51 am | Reply

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