Pigeon Tales

April 17, 2008

News from the Pigeon Babies (5-7 days)

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Diary, 4/16/08

Yes – it is still cold and Mommy and Daddy do their part to keep us warm. But in the meanwhile they are not always here. They take longer pauses now to do their own thing – and it is sooooo cold. I have the suspicion that they want us to toughen up so that we can grow up quickly. Joey and me are huddling up together to keep at least some of the warmth that our little bodies are producing (which is really warm) – but nevertheless – it is cold (only about 8° C) and it seems to be longer and longer until Mommy or Daddy are coming back to feed us. And here are some new pictures:

Believe us – it is not easy to stay tuned with this awful weather – but at least it is dry here. Our fellow pigeons don’t have such a luxury nest where each day the chambermaid comes at least twice to clean up everything and leaves some goodies such as sunflower seeds and cerials to keep us healthy…

Sometimes I am clapping my beak when the landlady comes very near to me and strokes my head but unfortunately she cannot feed me. And I am sooooo hungry… weinen


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