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April 15, 2008

Making Progress – Tales of Willy, the Baby Pigeon (3-5 days)

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Diary, 4-14-08

Nothing really new but when I look into the mirror – my landlords always say that you should never look into the mirror because then you see the truth about yourself – I get a shock: how did I ever fit into that egg shell only 5 days ago. Well – they are right – my landlords – I did the mistake to look into the mirror. Oh me gauuuuuuuud! Unbelievable. I am growing so fast – and Joey too – that we soon do not fit under Mommy’s belly any more – and it is soooooo cold at the moment again.

Mommy and Daddy need many goodies to keep us warm and well fed. Did you know that they both can create some milk inside their beak – this is wonderful for us to eat. Ha – I just cannot get enough and am struggling hard to get more, more, more…

Here is another photo of us both where you can see our growing progress:

Hey – don’t laugh about me haircut – this is the best I could do…

Doesn’t it remind you of someone – the one that sells the towers???

more to come


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